Welcome to Gérard


Exhibition at Galleri GKM April 14th to May 14th

We are indeed proud and happy to be the first gallery in Scandinavia to present the French artist Gérard Schlosser, born in 1931. He is one of the artists in the Art Narratif Movement just like Valerio Adami, Erró and Peter Klasen, also represented by GKM. Gérard Schlosser has an eye for details and a personal manner of assembling fragments of images in order to recreate intimate moments of everyday life, insinuating a story that takes place outside the frame. The scenes are often painted on canvases covered with sand. In his latest series Gérard Schlosser seems to have put himself in a game of mirrors presenting from behind his characters watching paintings by Fernand Léger. In front of the master of Modernism they question themselves and at the same time us, the spectators, and thus the painting offers a moment of self-reflection.
Welcome to enjoy the fascinating paintings at the opening of the exhibition in presence of the artist on Saturday April 14th 1200 – 1600
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