In 1984 Arman created the series The Day After where a set of Louis XV furniture was burnt and destroyed, yet still retaining its identity casted into bronze sculptures. 

This series was exhibited by GKM at the FIAC in Paris in 1994 and we are still frustrated over the fact that we didn’t have a camera at hand as Madonna entered the stand and lay down on the burnt sofa. 

The same year Arman, under the supervision of the big boss Siwert Bergström, burnt a guitar, casted it into bronze and named it Feu Hendrix. This was an allusion to the happening when Jimi Hendrix, just like Arman does in his work, transformed one artistic expression into another as he put his guitar on fire live, on stage in 1967. Someone said that Jimi Hendrix became immortal at that moment. We would say that this was completed by Arman as he transformed the happening into an immortal bronze sculpture.


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"Feu Hendrix" 1994.
from the serie ”The day after”
Bronze. 8 ex. 91x51x14 cm.
Bocquel fondeur.
Price on request.

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