In 1967 our parents founded a gallery in Jönköping, Sweden. They decided to name it “Galleri Kända Målare” — GKM, meaning the gallery of famous artists.
Our father, Siwert Bergström wanted to discover France, the important galleries and the internationally recognized artists. Without knowing a word of French he went to Paris, visited the galleries and acquainted himself with the great artists. By means of a dictionary, good contacts and his “Smålandish” persistency he learnt the language and built up an extensive qualified network that we, Thomas and Karl-Johan Bergström have the pleasure of upholding and managing.

Art is changing. Art which ’yesterday’ was titled modern has been elevated to the category of classical art. Art which a century ago only was shown at the great salons and approved by art academies is today presented on the Internet. Art is perpetual. Perpetual in the sense that it is always changing.
Galleri GKM has developed from being a local innovative gallery to a well-known international gallery representing its own editions of internationally recognized artists.
We have ’lived and breathed’ this environment. We have had the opportunity to observe, from a close perspective, how art has changed through the years. We have experienced the development of the art market and the impact of marketing. But above all we have experienced the change of the public’s approach towards art. A change for the better. Buying a work of art is today considered more an experience rather than an investment. To a greater extent, art has become a part of life. A part as evident as furnitures of class, good literature and a higher quality of life in general. Art is perpetual.

No one can predict how the art of tomorrow will be, neither who will be the artists to create it. The only thing that is certain, is that art will be created tomorrow and that we will be where art appears. The development from being a small gallery in Jönköping, where we first became acquainted with art, further on to Malmö, Europe and Paris where Karl-Johan lives and works, this development will not be interrupted.
We have literally devoted our lives to art. Not as creators, but as ambassadors on behalf of the artists who have created, are creating and will create art in all different shapes.

Thomas and Karl-Johan Bergström