Christian Silvain – Klutsbergen, Belgium
Born 1950 in Eupen, Belgium. Christian Silvain is an autodidact, but he has ever since his years of childhood been practising drawing and painting and has never hesitated about his career.Silvain was early influenced by his compatriot, the surrealist painter
Paul Delvaux, before he went on to a superrealistic manner in his own painting. In the nineteen eighties he became aware of and strongly inspired of the imagery in the drawings and paintings done by mentally deranged persons, both children and adults.
In 1992 Silvain established the Fondation Silain in Eupen. Silvain has exhibited at art galleries around the world, among others in Galerie Guy Pieters in Belgium, Magna Galerie in New York, Fondation Vasarely in Aix en Provence, Galerie du Centre in
Paris, Ludwig Museum in Germany, Galerie de Laive in Amsterdam, and Galleri GKM.
Silvain´s pictures have been exhibited at several art fairs in Europe and USA. Silvain is represented in some fifty museums and public collections in Brussels, Tel Aviv, Ludwig Museum, Prague, Vienna, Ottawa, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Nice and others.