© Clara Hallencreutz.

No artifical pineapples. 2013
Photo on crystal archive paper.
Edition of 4 ex. 100×142 cm.
Price on request.

Golden Arches
This artwork is part of the series “No Artificial Colours”, where the familiar sight of
everyday object is transformed, using unexpected and striking colours. The artwork
plays on the burger chains nick name; “The Golden Arches”, the gold recontextualisation of the fast food and presents a new connection for the audience to discover. The combination becomes a contradiction and “statue-ize” the fast food and put it on a pedestal. It can also symbolize the gilded surface masking what lies undernight.
The series title “No Artificial Colours” refers to the common use of artificial
substances in products for human consumption, as well as genetically modified food.
The suggestive images invite the viewer to further explore and imagine, without
condemning the matter.

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