© Clara Hallencreutz.

Porcelain Lobsters – Fresh History. 2014
Photo on crystal archive paper.
Edition of 6 ex. 100×142 cm.

Porcelain Lobsters/Banana – A Supermarket Heritage
With such a rich and long history, the symbolic meaning of porcelain is multidimensional. It’s a story telling decorative household ware, a cross culture exchangeand a trade commodity between countries, a hard yet fragile material and a symbol of wealth and luxury. We have come to associate these meanings with the colour combination and texture of the material. Applying this visual style to food products brings the traditional material into the context of a supermarket, marrying high culture with modern commercialism. A contradiction is created when a symbol of history from BC is applied to an object made for immediate consumption. I am intrigued by the global impact that this fine material has had.

Because of its longstanding history and cultural importance, we are able to recognize and associate its distinctive colour combination, no matter what object it is applied to, or what the decorative pattern portrays.

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