© Clara Hallencreutz.

The golden arches. 2009.
Photo on crystal archive paper.
Edition of 4 ex. 100×70 cm.
Price on request

White/colour Pixels & Brushstroke Series
This series is the result of an exploration into the complex composition of an image. A digital photograph is comprised of pixels that appear as dots. Similarly, a painting is the sum of many brushstrokes. When I arrange my installations, I use common and literal objects, such as flowers and candy. Each individual flower or piece of candy, or other piece of material, is representative of a pixel or a brushstroke. It could be described as ‘painting with flowers’. The viewer can choose to either see the subject, such as a dot inthis work (a highly divers symbol), or the substance from which it is constructed, such as flowers.

The artworks; A Brushstroke of White & A Brushstroke of Colour and White
Pixels & Colour Pixels acknowledge the fundamental and essential building block
elements of the image; the pixel and the brushstroke.

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