Corneille – his world

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, the Netherlands.

22 September – 3 February 2019

Welcome to explore the world of Corneille in the first retrospective museum exhibition since his passing in 2010.

Corneille is the artist who truly knows how to celebrate all that is beautiful in life in his brightly coloured and imaginative paintings. His work plays an important role in the history of our gallery and he is a true representative of his age, whose work still continues to spread joy and inspiration.

We are convinced that Corneille has earned his rightful place in the art history of our time and after more than 30 years of collaboration this gentle man with the peering gaze and the violet neck scarf has a special place in our heart.
Here follows some photos from the opening of the exhibition. Enjoy!

Thomas, Kalle, Katarina & Ludvig