Yrjö Edelmann Graphic Collection

Yrjö Edelmann Graphic Collection

As the exclusive representative of the Yrjö Edelmann estate, we hereby introduce the
Yrjö Edelmann graphic collection covering the complete artistic career of this master
of trompe l’œil.

Alongside his career as a painter of fascinating works that fool the eye, Yrjö Edelmann also progressed as a graphic artist and his lithographs reflect the magic feeling of paper, shadows and mysterious packages.

In this collection you find the whole spectrum of Yrjö Edelmann paper motifs, from artificial landscapes, shapes and wrapped objects to parcels with scotch or string evoking the curiosity of the observer, works from the early 70’s until his passing in 2016.

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Enjoy! Thomas, Kalle, Katarina & Ludvig